Pioneering The Future Of Fiber.

By Building And Providing The Fastest Fiber Internet For Over 30 Years.

About Ezee Fiber

Ezee Fiber’s experience with communications technology began more than 30 years ago with a request to connect two school buildings with a telephone cable. Since then the company has pioneered state-of-the-art fiber communications technology solutions for commercial and residential customers as well as government, educational and medical (GEM) institutions.

Today Ezee Fiber delivers fiber-based network solutions that make working, learning, collaborating, streaming, gaming and information-sharing fast, reliable and easy for customers in the greater Houston metroplex.

Our Leadership Team

Scott Widham and Matt Asmus bring a combined 70 years of technology development in the Texas market to Ezee Fiber.


Scott Widham brings 40 years of experience as an owner/operator of competitive telecom infrastructure companies to Ezee Fiber. He has served as CEO of Broadwing, CoBridge and Alpheus, all Texas-based fiber businesses. Mr. Widham is highly focused on providing a quality customer service experience enabling Ezee Fiber to successfully compete against more established industry competitors. Mr. Widham earned a BBA from The University of Texas at Austin.


Matt Asmus’s career in telecommunications has spanned 30 years, beginning in 1991 at Texas-based American Telco (ATI). After rising to CEO he facilitated the sale of the company to Logix in 1998, expanding Logix’s service area from Texas throughout the Midwest. Mr. Asmus held several leadership positions at Logix and served as CEO from 2006 until its sale in 2016. He is dedicated to bringing Ezee Fiber customers the ultimate in product performance and service. Mr. Asmus earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Sam Houston State University.

President’s Promise

At Ezee Fiber, we are proud of our 30+ year history in crafting communications technology solutions–but we are even more excited about the future. The trust you place in us to connect you with what matters most at work and at home drives everything we do.

A perfect customer experience is our goal, and we are committed to your satisfaction, 24/7.

Our pledge to you involves more than just product excellence: we promise to be a company you enjoy doing business with, and to make your needs our #1 focus.

We work hard to win your confidence and continued support and we are committed to keeping them.

Matt Asmus
President & Chief Operating Officer
Ezee Fiber



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