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Exploring the Value of Upgrading to 5 Gig Internet

Streaming, surfing, and remote working are common, everyday activities, and many Americans rely on the internet now more than ever. Fast speeds are critical, but it can be tough to know just how much speed you need or whether certain internet upgrades are worth it.

If you’ve been looking into fiber internet, you’ve probably stumbled across the terms “gigabit,” “multi-gig,” and, specifically, “5 gig” internet. But what exactly is 5 gig internet, and is it worth the switch? That’s exactly what you’ll find out in this article, so let’s take a closer look!

What is 5 Gig Internet?

Put simply, 5 gig internet is an internet connection that transfers information at 5 gigabits per second (Gbps). That’s the same thing as 5000 megabits per second (Mbps) or 5 million kilobits per second (kbs). In other words? It’s fast.

5 gig internet is typically delivered via traditional broadband or fiber optic cable connections to your home or local area. Fiber internet is fantastic for homes with lots of devices, remote workers, and serious gamers for a few big reasons:

  • First, fiber internet is always faster than other internet types, like DSL or dial-up.
  • Next, fiber cables are resistant to certain disruptions, like bad weather.
  • Plus, fiber internet is excellent at handling traffic from multiple devices at the same time. That means less lag or latency (even if everyone in your family is using the internet at the same time).

Is 5 Gig Internet the Same as 5G Internet?

“5G” internet may sound similar to 5 gig internet, but the two aren’t the same thing.

5G means “fifth generation,” and it’s talking about the fifth generation of wireless data network technology. 5G is all about cell towers, Wi-Fi connections, and wireless data speeds.

“5G internet” is still fast, but it’s generally associated with mobile devices and fixed wireless internet services. When it comes to residential or business internet, the term “5 gig” is what you’ll usually hear.

How Fast is 5 Gig Internet Speed?

So, what does 5 gig internet translate to in terms of downloads, streaming, and other online activities?

At multi-gig speeds, you can download movies, large files, and gigantic (in file size, that is) video games to your device in a matter of minutes in many cases. 5 gig internet is fast enough to facilitate high-quality streaming – even on multiple devices at the same time – and to help you upload batches of files to work servers without a problem.

Is 5 gig internet good enough for regular home use? Absolutely. In fact, it goes beyond “good enough.” It’s just about the fastest internet you can get, with only certain offerings, like 8 gig internet, for example, bringing even more speed to the table.

The Benefits of 5 Gig Internet

Making the switch to 5 gig internet can take some time as many homes aren’t currently connected to a local fiber network. But if fiber is available in your area, most people will find the benefits of 5 gig outweigh any small downsides that come along with the switch.

Symmetrical Upload and Downloads

Fiber 5 gig internet brings symmetrical upload and download speeds. But what does that mean? “Symmetrical” means that your uploads are just as fast as your downloads. That’s not the norm for other types of internet service.

Ever had an issue where uploading work documents or presentations takes way too long? Ever posted a YouTube video that takes hours on end? That’s because upload speeds on Cable and DSL are nowhere near as fast as the download speeds you’re paying for. On fiber, though, speed is symmetrical, which means it’s “5 gig” fast either way.

Stutter-Free Streaming

Naturally, the speed of 5 gig internet means that every streaming session will be smoother – and, more importantly, stutter free. No one likes watching a movie or a show with blurry pixels or stuttering audio, either of which can totally ruin the experience.

5 gig internet ensures that your home TV or game console will produce a clear, consistent image all day, every day. That’s a big deal, especially if you’re eager to watch the newest episode of that show you just started or catch the game in as much crystalline clarity as possible.

Low Latency Gaming

Gamers will also find 5 gig internet to be a great choice. More speed means less lag, or latency, in the middle of competitive multiplayer matches.

That’s a huge advantage, especially if you play to win. In top online games, even a second can be the difference between a victory or loss. Plus, if you stream often on a platform like Twitch, you’ll need fast and high-capacity internet to keep your image and voice beaming to your spectators while gaming at your best.

Whole-Home Internet Without Lag

These days, everyone has at least one device in their pocket (and plenty of people have more than one). Add to that a few televisions and desktops throughout your home, and it’s possible that you may have up to a dozen different devices connected to the internet at the same time in the evening.

5 gig internet won’t falter, even under a load like that. With 5 gig fiber internet, you and your entire family can surf, stream, and share without skipping a beat.

How to Get 5 Gig Fiber Internet

Since there are so many benefits to 5 gig fiber internet, it’s kind of a no-brainer to get it if it’s available in your area – especially if the provider makes getting connected simple. That’s where Ezee Fiber comes in.

Unlike other internet providers, we offer lifetime pricing and no-hassle contracts (which means your bill stays the same for life). Our fiber internet is simple, streamlined, and fast: just what you want from a local provider.

Right now, we offer multi-gig fiber internet for folks in the Houston area, ranging from 1 gig to 8 gig symmetrical fiber speeds. Our 5 gig package is a popular pick for homeowners – and it’s only $99/mo. So make the 5 gig switch today, or contact Ezee Fiber for more information