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What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Fiber Internet)


What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Fiber Internet)

Like the events before the delivery of any bundle of joy, there are important things to know before the arrival of high-speed fiber internet. Here’s what you can expect during the months leading up to the delivery of your area’s fastest, most reliable internet.

Seven Methodical Stages

As you can imagine, getting things done correctly the first time is paramount, which is why we are meticulous in everything we do to ensure internet reliability and speed. There are strict industry and governmental standards of construction that must be followed, and we also adhere to Ezee Fiber’s highly structured step-by-step process.

Making Ready
There are seven stages that take place over six to eight months, starting with two planning stages: make-ready engineering and make-ready construction. As the names imply, these stages focus on preparing things for subsequent stages. During this period, which can take up to 18 weeks, Ezee Fiber conducts necessary administrative and engineering activities, including surveying, permitting and technical assessing, to get the existing infrastructure ready to add our fiber lines.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves
Once complete, construction in phase three and splicing in stage four commences. Over two to three months, Ezee Fiber builds the network by burying cables underground in a conduit system or placing them aerially and stringing cables from utility or telephone poles. If we have to dig holes to bury cable, we’ll restore greenspaces and sidewalks to their original likeness. The splicing stage is particularly important because it allows our trained professionals to bring together two fiber optic cables to transmit data quickly and efficiently.

Preparing to Deliver Service
In the final three stages – Ezee Fiber meticulously tests the network ensuring the delivery of symmetrical (same upload and download speeds) internet connections up to 8G.  The final step of installing your service involves bringing the fiber into your home, allowing you to access reliable high-speed fiber internet.

Great Expectations
Knowing what to expect and how long each phase takes to complete is important. We’re here for you every step of the way as you anticipate the exciting delivery of Ezee Fiber’s blazingly fast high-speed fiber internet for streaming, gaming, surfing, learning and working.